Mission Statement

Well hello there! I’m not going to bother tapping the microphone to see if it is on. I know that there is no one here listening. How do I know this? Well, this isn’t my first blog even if it is the first time I have blogged at marisaburnes.com.

I have also see the stats of the visitors that show up to read what I have to write. Let’s just say that I almost never need more than one hand to count the daily visitors.

“So why are you bothering to blog,” you, the hypothetical visitor might ask.

The answer to that is easy. I blog because I like to write. I like to write blog posts, short stories, novels, technical pieces, or simply to blow off steam. I love putting little black marks on paper — even if that paper and black marks are digital.

“Really? Have I read anything that you have written?”

Unless you are a close friend or relative, probably not.

“Great,” I hear hypothetical you say. “You like to spout words that no one wants to read. Why should I be the one to read them?”

Honestly, you probably shouldn’t. I know that his might sound harsh, but I’m not writing this for hypothetical you.

“Are you saying I can’t read it? Is this some kind of reverse psychology?”

Not at all! Feel free to read it if you want. It is, after all, your time to waste as you see fit.

“Fine, fine… Moving on. Why is this blog any different than the last insanely crazy number of blogs you have written in the past?”

Truth to tell, it probably isn’t. For all I know, it will end up being just as convoluted, messy, and ultimately futile as all my previous blogs. (Note: Oxford commas rule!) But one thing that has changed is that I don’t want to waste as much of my time on politics, religion, study subjects as I have in other blogs.

“Does that mean that there won’t be any politics or religion?”

No… No it doesn’t. I spend too much time reading politics and being disappointed in religion to avoid writing about it completely. That being said, I have every intention of writing things that I enjoy.

“Has anyone ever told you that you are boring?”

Yep! Welcome to my world.


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